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Curious Fruit

Fruit Wonders

A community for lovers of fruit
Posting Access:
All Members , Moderated

This community is targeted to those who love, enjoy learning about and exploring the many different species of fruit.

You can post pictures of fruit, informative articles on fruit types/species, herbal/medicinal and cooking recipes, gardening tips and info about products made with fruit essence or extract...basically anything related directly to fruit is allowed. However...

The Rules are very simple:

-No Flaming
-No Spam
-No Porn -Links- or images depicting fruit being used sexually
-No Harassment of other Members


.Adhere to the Golden Rule
.Make Friends
.Enjoy Yourself
.Celebrate The Wonders of Fruit
.Be Expressive & Informative
.Use LJ Cut for very long entries and VERY LARGE PHOTOS
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